Welcome to Officiating


Swimming Otago warmly welcomes all volunteers. Volunteering means that you not only have another avenue to have a great impact in your child’s athletic environment, but it also gives you a fun setting in which to meet other adults and make new friends. Here are a few simple ways to get involved:

• Join the club committee;

• Become an official, timekeeper or announcer;

• Maintain equipment or facilitates;

• Raise money;

                                                        Swimming Otago Technical Panel


Colin Walker



Michael Dodds



Alan Hale



Allan McMorran



Kay Alexander



If you are interested in officiating or have any queries please contact any of the above people.

The SNZ Code of conduct binds all officials involved who assist on pool decks in NZ – see page 3 of Technical Officials Guide.

 Below are some brief descriptions of the positions you can assist with.

Timekeepers – Are responsible for taking manual (stop watch) and back up (button) time, and recording the time for the swimmer in their lane. There is no longer a national qualification for Timekeeper. See page 5 of Technical Officials Guide.

Inspector of Turns (IOT)  – observe from each end of the pool to ensure that the starts and turns comply with the rules applicable to each stroke. The IOT’s jurisdiction is from the beginning of the last arm stroke into the wall and ending with the completion of the first arm stroke leaving the wall. See page 7 of Technical Officials Guide.

Control room supervisor / recorder – In consultation with the referee, processes and publishes the official results for each event. There is no national qualification for control room supervisor/ recorder. See page 12 of Technical Officials Guide.

Clerk of the course / Marshal – assembles the swimmers prior to each event, ensuring the FINA rules for advertising and swimwear are complied with. There is no qualification for this role. See page 11 of Technical Officials Guide.

Judges of strokes (JOS) – observes the swimmers, alongside the pool, ensuring that each rule relating to the different strokes is complied with. The JOS also observes the turns and finishes to assist the IOT’s. See page 15 of Technical Officials Guide.

Starter – is responsible for giving all swimmers a fair and equal start. The starter has full control of the swimmers from the time they are handed over by the referee. See page 17 of Technical Officials Guide.

Referee – has full control over all officials and swimmers. The Referee must enforce all rules and any decisions made regarding the conditions of the race are followed. See page 19 of Technical Officials Guide.